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Whether you're looking for your next role or expanding your existing team, choosing the right recruitment agency is important. Here are a few very simple reasons why so many people choose Dragonfly.


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  1. How to nail your interview presentation

    Today, 89%1 of global professionals believe that communicating with clarity directly impacts their career and income, which is why employers want to test your ability to pitch before they hire you, particularly if you’re applying for a senior role in sales, marketing, or management. Of course, the interview environment is already highly pressurised, but that’s...

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  2. Will Glassdoor be the downfall of your HR department?

    Did you know that Glassdoor is now crucial to a job search? As the TripAdvisor of the recruitment world, company review website Glassdoor has the ability to reveal all of your business’s undesirable secrets, warning valuable talent and business partners off. Here, we’ll explain how to keep your Glassdoor profile sparkling, so you can welcome...

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  3. Hiring graduates: how to overcome the challenges

    This year, 30%1 of companies are expected to hire more graduates than ever before. Businesses hire graduates because university-leavers are: Cheaper to hire Quicker to learn Practiced in transferable skills, such as written and oral communication, organisation and data analysis Brimming with new ideas that can significantly improve the bottom line Fundamental for succession planning....

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  4. A guide to competency-based interviews

    Got a competency-based interview coming up but have no idea what to expect? This guide explains what a competency-based interview is and shows you how to prepare for one with easy-to-remember answering techniques and example questions. What is a competency-based interview? You’re probably familiar with a normal interview format (called unstructured interviews). These feel like...

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  5. Is your CV sticky?

    The average recruiter will spend all of six seconds1 reading your CV before moving on to the next one, so if your resume isn’t enticing readers to stick around for a little longer, you’re definitely not getting an interview. In the media, marketing and advertising industries, professionals spend their working days creating campaigns that stick,...

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  6. Employee referrals: the good, the bad and the ugly

    An employee referral programme (ERP) is an internal recruitment method used by hiring managers to identify potential candidates through their existing employees’ social and professional networks. In return for these introductions, employees are given incentives, usually in monetary form, which is awarded once the new hire has passed their probation period. Many HR managers swear...

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