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Whether you're looking for your next role or expanding your existing team, choosing the right recruitment agency is important. Here are a few very simple reasons why so many people choose Dragonfly.


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Hiring the wrong candidate costs the average company over 150% of the first year's salary

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  1. Employee referrals: the good, the bad and the ugly

    An employee referral programme (ERP) is an internal recruitment method used by hiring managers to identify potential candidates through their existing employees’ social and professional networks. In return for these introductions, employees are given incentives, usually in monetary form, which is awarded once the new hire has passed their probation period. Many HR managers swear...

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  2. 10 common CV lies – and how to spot them

    A third1 of job applicants lie on their CVs. In fact, it’s become such a problem that the UK’s fraud prevention office has stepped in; last year, fraud officers sent a notice to every university in the country, warning students that inflating their grades and inventing extra-curricular activities can be classed as ‘fraud by false...

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  3. What NOT to wear to your next job interview

    According to psychologists, you’ve got just one tenth of a second1 to make a good first impression, and it’s fickle, but your clothing plays a fundamental role. This is particularly true in an interview situation, during which the recruiter is looking for indicators that you’re up to the job. This is where media professionals struggle....

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  4. 3 unusual recruitment techniques to attract talent

    There’s an estimated 5.2 million1 businesses in the UK, all competing to find the best talent to drive their company forward. So what attracts talent? These are three tried-and-tested modern recruitment tactics: 1. Trendy offices You can blame Google for upping everyone’s office decor expectations; workers now expect slides and games rooms galore. With the...

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  5. A day in the life of a Commercial Director

    Sanjay Singh is a Commercial Director who has spent numerous years in the event industry. Sanjay may skip breakfast but he never misses a sales target – here, he tells us what a day in the life of a Commercial Director entails. Hi Sanjay, let’s start from the beginning! Tell us about your morning routine....

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  6. How to incorporate social media into your recruitment strategy

    Nearly 2.1 billion1 people use social media around the globe, and one of them could be your next best employee. LinkedIn is currently the most popular social network for recruitment, with 93%2 of employers using the site to source potential employees, closely followed by Facebook (66%) and Twitter (53%). Perhaps the most surprising fact about...

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