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Whether you're looking for your next role or expanding your existing team, choosing the right recruitment agency is important. Here are a few very simple reasons why so many people choose Dragonfly.


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Hiring the wrong candidate costs the average company over 150% of the first year's salary

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  1. 6 staff retention strategies

    The average UK turnover rate is approximately 15%1 a year, with the highest levels found in retail, media and other private sector organisations. There are two types of turnover: voluntary turnover, which refers to employees choosing to leave a company, and involuntary turnover, which happens when an employer lays workers off. High voluntary turnover levels...

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  2. 3 facts they didn’t tell you about your job search

    David Cameron claims that his government have created 1,0001 new jobs a day since the coalition came to power in 2010. Yet the majority of job searchers will tell you that they’re not exactly inundated with job offers on a daily basis. The truth is that those headline figures are masking the rise of zero-hours...

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  3. Succession planning: Internal vs. external

    In the past five years, Britain has gone from yielding alarming rates of unemployment to boasting a record-high figure of 30.9 million1 in work. It’s not only the statistic that has changed; the mind-set of Britain’s workforce has too. No longer are workers looking for a ‘job for life’ – around 650,0002 people move from...

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  4. 5-step guide to negotiating a pay rise

    Last year, two fifths of British workers landed significant pay rises of 2% or more1. If you believe you deserve more money for the work you do but are unsure about when or how to ask your boss for a pay review without making things awkward, follow our simple five-step guide to negotiating a pay...

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